Registration information Each family must set up a single registration account to register a player or players in BYSA. You will use your account to enter your family contact information as well as information for each child. Once you create your account you then be able to register each child for the programs offered by BYSA.

If you are already registered on this site - Log in with your user name and password.
JERSEY SIZES,email addresses and phone numbers change.....
Please update your contact information on the registration website.

Here is step by step on how to register for spring soccer If you have forgotten your user name and password you have to call this number (855) 798-0470….
Go to brooklinesoccer.netin the left hand side click where it says player/coach registration in the green section on the next page scroll to the bottom of the page and in the middle is a grey tab that says register here.

-Click that 
click where it says login in on the side -sports connect page will come up and your email may come up to click on it, if it does not then click login with email(the email address that you have given me for registration) -pa west page will come up next -on the top of that page on The right side click where itsays My Account, and a list of tabs will come up when u click it 

-Click register members choose spring 2024 season-check off the box next to player registration then click cont

A screen will come up with a list of people in ur family, click continue-the same screen will come up again and this time it will be green next to everyone’s names and will say register as player or coach

 - Click register player for each child that will be playing Travel, also update all their information for each child especially shirt sizes and phone numbers..

Hit continue and agree then it should come to the payment page and finish that and you should be all complete… If you have any questions I have pictures for step by step as well…. Registration reds to be done by March 1st…. Thanks Danielle


Join Brookline Youth Soccer Association for a fun filled Spring soccer program!!

Spring Registration is now OPEN!!



Interested in becoming a coach? BYSA is always looking for qualified individuals to help the community join our team!





Your player will need soccer cleats, shin guards, socks that cover the shin guards and water bottle for matches and practices.
For safety reasons please do not wear any other footwear during practice or matches



The fee can be paid on-line using Discover, Visa, MasterCard, or echeck once the player is registered on this site.


Additional information can be found on this website


Phone: 412-512-6090


Problems creating or logging into your account?




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