1. BYSA follows the soccer rules as documented in the current edition of the National Federation Edition of the Soccer Rule book with any exceptions as contained in this document.


2. Divisions of play shall consist of the following age groups:




Senior, Novice,Junior, Pee Wee, Instructional


3. A roster of all eligible players (EXCEPT PEE WEE DIVISION), listing all eligible players and their player numbers, must be presented at the start of each game and is to be given to the referee, or flagman, prior to the start of the game. The referee must be informed of all “benched” or restricted players at this time.


3a. **Any player rostered within a division shall remain in that division and under no circumstance shall a player play in any other division or age group.



4. ADVANCED and SENIOR DIVISION shall play with a maximum of eleven (11) players per side on the field and must play with at least a minimum of seven players on the field at all times during the game. * NOVICE DIVISION shall play with a maximum of eight (8) players per side on the field with at least a minimum of seven (7) players per side on the field at all times. *Field size will shall be 50 yards by 70 yards. JUNIOR DIVISION shall field a maximum of six (6) players and minimum of five (5) players per team on the field at all times during the game. * PEE WEE DIVISION shall field a maximum of four (4) players with an option to field a maximum of five (5) players per team if both coaches agree prior to the start of the game. Minimum of three (3) players per team on the field at all times is required. If a team does not have the required number of players, they forfeit the scheduled game by a score of 1-0. A five minute grace period will be allowed from the scheduled starting time until the game is forfeited.



ADVANCED DIVISION GAMES shall consist of two (2) – forty (40) minute halves.

SENIOR DIVISION GAMES shall consist of two (2) – thirty five (35) minute halves.

NOVICE DIVISION GAMES shall consist of two (2) – thirty (30) minutes halves.

JUNIOR DIVISION GAMES shall consist of two (2) – twenty (25) minute halves. *****

PEE WEE DIVISION GAMES shall consist of four (4) – eight (8) minute quarters.


All divisions shall have a five (5) minute half time break and shall switch field sides at the end of the half.


All teams shall play their games at the Moore Park Fields commencing Sunday, September 10, 2016



ADVANCED, SENIOR, NOVICE, JUNIOR, AND PEE WEE DIVISION shall play an eight (8) or nine (9) game season. All game times and dates shall be as set by the league.(9) game season. All game times and dates shall be as set by the league.




ALL PLAYERS on a Pee Wee team are to play a minimum of two (2) quarters per game. All players on a Junior Team are to play a minimum of fifteen (15) minutes per game. All players on Novice, Senior, and Advanced teams are to play a minimum of twenty (20) minutes per game, unless there are special circumstances such as handicap, injury, or disciplinary action by the referee or the player's coach. A player may be benched prior to the game by the coach for disciplinary action. (Examples: unexcused absence from practices or games, unsportsmanlike like conduct, profanity, etc.) Otherwise, coaches should inform parents and referees the reason for limited playing time. Coaches will receive a written warning regarding players not given at least the minimum playing time as given in the rules:

(A) First offense will result in a letter notifying the coach that a complaint has been lodged, to reinforce application of the league rules. (B) A second offense will result in disciplinary action determined by the Board Of Directors.


ALL PLAYERS on the field during the course of the game shall, with the exception of the goalkeeper, be dressed in game shirts of like color and in the color assigned to that team by the league. The goalkeeper shall wear a shirt of contrasting color or pattern. Jeans, jean shorts, hooded shirts, sweatshirts, earrings, hard ponytail holders, and hard headbands or beads shall not be permitted. Players wearing any of these items will be prohibited from playing that game. Protective cast and braces shall be covered and padded at all times and are subject to inspection by the game referee. A DOCTOR'S RELEASE IS ALSO REQUIRED.


ALL PLAYERS shall be required to wear protective leg wear and soccer cleats as required by the league. Players not properly attired for the game shall not be permitted to play. All protective leg wear shall be covered with socks.

The use of any tobacco product on the playing field by a player is strictly prohibited. Any player using a tobacco product will not be permitted to play.

The use of profanity by a player on the field will not be tolerated. Any player using profanity during a game shall be subject to disciplinary action by the referee and will not be permitted to play.

The referee, either on his person or by a designated sideline official, will keep official time.

All divisions will play with a running clock, with special exceptions at the referee's discretion (e.g. injuries, intentional delay of game, etc).

After a game is called because of weather, any following games must be delayed a minimum of fifteen (15) minutes or until the official starting time, whichever is longer. Leaving without notification from the official will result in a forfeit of the game. If both teams leaves, both will receive a loss.

At the completion of every game, the referee will record the final scores and all penalties to be carried over to the next game in the BYSA Record Book.

ALL PLAYERS shall be required to participate in the fund raising activities prescribed by the league. Failure to participate can result in suspension of a player from play for any outstanding games by the league.



1. The following game point system will be used to determine standings with the Association:

Two (2) points for a win

One (1) point for a tie

Zero (0) point for a loss


Division standings shall be based solely on points from the regular season play. The team with the most points according to the point system stated in Rule II.1, above, at the end of the season shall be the division regular champion. In the event of a tie, head to head score shall be used as a first tie breaker, followed by goals against, then goal differential (maximum of three) and if necessary, a flip of a coin, to determine final regular season division standings. Awards will be given to each player from the first place team within each division, for regular season only. Participation awards shall be given to all other players from the Instructional, Pee Wee, and Junior Divisions.





ALL SENIOR, NOVICE JUNIOR AND PEE WEE DIVISION teams shall participate in a tournament within their age group to determine a Tournament Champion. Awards will be given to each player from the FIRST and SECOND place teams within each division. 



1. Each team shall be permitted to have only one (1) head coach and one (1) assistant coach: both most be identified in writing to the League prior to the start of the season and have completed a background check before the start of the season. ALL TEAMS shall also be permitted one (1) youth assistant coach.

2. Only the HEAD COACH, ASSISTANT COACH, and YOUTH ASSISTANT COACH are permitted in the coaching area. Coaching WILL NOT be permitted beyond the penalty area (18-yard line) in the ADVANCED, SENIOR, NOVICE, and JUNIOR DIVISIONS. Spectators must remain on the opposite sideline behind the spectator line, two (2) yards from the sideline.

3. Any coach may protest his or her game, providing the protest is lodged with the referee within five (5) minutes after the game's end. The coach must then submit a twenty ($20.00) dollar protest fee to the BYSA President within twenty-four (24) hours. The fee is forfeited if the protest is lost, and reimbursed if the protest is won. The BYSA President must call a protest meeting inviting all Board Members, involved coaches, referee (s), and any other involved parties.

4. In the case of a team opening for a head coach, the position will be posted for two (2) consecutive meetings when possible. The position will be filled according to seniority with the League of those who have applied in writing to the BYSA President seven (7) days prior to the first scheduled try-out. If the season has started, the assistant coach will assume the responsibility of the head coach until the season's end.

5. Head coaches who wish to continue in the same position must notify the League President of their intent to continue as coaches prior to the registrations the following year.

6. There will be No Smoking or profanity on the field of play (players, coaches and referees).






1. The referees for each game are to enforce the rules of soccer. A referee's jurisdiction begins when he or she enters the field of play and ends when both teams leave the field of play. During this time, the referee's decision is final.

2. The referees shall enforce the rules of soccer as outline in Rule I.1 of these ground rules. They shall be responsible for all on-field interpretations and application of the rules of the game.


3. Penalties, cautions, and carding shall follow the current National Federation Rules, as adopted by the League. Individual team coaches are responsible for reviewing the rules of play with their teams and their team's spectators.

4. Referees will caution a coach concerning disorderly conduct by parents of his or her team. Continued abuse by the spectator in his/her removal from the field by police, if necessary.



Note: Referees will also caution a coach concerning disorderly conduct by parents of his or her team members. Continued abuse will result in the child of the offending parent (s) receiving a red card. If using two (2) referees. Both must agree on the decision. Continued abusive behavior can result in the ejection of the Team's coach and/or forfeiture of the game.

  1. Any player or coach ejected from a game will sit out the remainder of that game and their team's following scheduled game. A player or coach that receives a red card on the last game will sit out the first game of the following season.

    5-A. Any player or coach that receives a violent red card or multiple red cards must attend a hearing before a BYSA disciplinary board before again entering the field of play.***

6. The BYSA 2016 Fall Soccer Season officially begins August 01, 2016. NO PRACTICE SESSIONS MAY TAKE PLACE PRIOR TO THIS DATE. Teams practicing prior to that date shall be penalized to be determined at a special meeting help by the Board of Directors.

7. Any player restricted from play for violations of team rules shall be identified to the referee prior to the start of each game.




1. All players entering a new division shall be required to attend a minimum of one try out session prior to the League's annual selection of players, except for the Pee Wee Division, which has not try outs.

2. Any player not present for tryouts will be assigned a number and placed on a team by a lottery during the draft.

3. The draft order shall be based on each age group's Division standings according to the point system (Rule II.1) for regular season game points only. LEAGUE TOURNAMENT STANDINGS SHALL NOT AFFECT DRAFT STANDINGS. In the event of a tie, head to head score shall be used as a first tie breaker, followed by goals against, then goal differential (maximum of three) and if necessary, a flip of a coin to determine final regular season division standing. Each team will be limited to a maximum number of boys as determined by the League based on the total number of boys in the division.

4. The head coach of a team automatically is entitled to his/her sons and daughters that are of age to play on the team as long as he/she is the head coach and the sons and daughters of the assistant in according with Section 5 below.

5. In addition, the head coach is entitled to the sons and daughters of his/her assistant coach with the following stipulations:

A.The head coach cannot protect any additional players until either

1] A period of two (2) or three (3) years has elapsed, OR

2] The protected player(s) are no longer on the team. Once this period has elapsed OR all the assistant coach's children leave the team, the head coach may choose a new assistant coach AND protect his/her sons and daughters. If a head coach changes teams, then he/she may choose an assistant and protect his/her sons and daughters regardless of the past history of the new team being coached.

B.For rule V.4 to take effect, a list of the team name, head coach, and assistant coach must be submitted to the BYSA President by the date of the first tryout for that division. If this is not done, the team forfeits its rights to protect the assistant coach's children.

6. The coach will notify all players within two weeks of the League's draft as to the team to which they have been selected.


7. All trades will occur at the draft. Trades shall only be permitted in cases determined and mutually approved by the League President or Vice President as hardship by coaches and player's parents during the draft. In no event shall trades be permitted after the league's draft for that age group.




**** Code of Conduct Rules

Soccer belongs to the kids playing the game.

This Code of Conduct applies to all participants of the Brookline Youth Soccer Association. This includes coaches, players, parents, fans, referees, and club administrators. The BYSA Code of Conduct shall be followed at all soccer events; including home and away games, all tournaments.

The Ground Rules Committee on a regular basis takes a look at the Code of Conduct as well as the rules that govern all BYSA members. Information and contact information for the Ground Rules Committee can be found at

Although we have worked to include anything and everything within the code of conduct to govern and safeguard the club from undesired behavior and actions, we do understand that unique situations may arise. In these instances, the Board of Directors will meet to evaluate the behavior and follow-up with action at their discretion.


Code of Conduct-To All:

Participants are expected to conduct themselves at all times in a manner that is in keeping with representing PA West Youth Soccer, and will not bring discredit upon the Association.

Treat all coaches, parents, players, officials, fans and other club members with respect regardless of race, sex, religion, or ability, and expect to be treated accordingly.

No use of foul or abusive language .

No use of tobacco, alcohol, or illegal drugs at any soccer event.

No pets/animals are to be brought to the fields.

Absolutely no physical or verbal confrontations.

Know the BYSA rules and abide by them.

Adhere to all league and BYSA rules.

Understand the laws of the game and abide by them.

Be gracious in victory and dignified in defeat.


Code of Conduct-Coaches:

Act as a positive role model for the players.

Understand the laws of the game and require your players and their parents to understand and follow them.

Coaches will not “run up the score.” Seven (7) point lead is maximum lead.

running up the score" occurs when a team continues to play in such a way as to score additional points after the outcome of the game is no longer in question and the team is assured of winning.

Coaches will not seek any unfair advantage by teaching unsporting behavior to players.

Coaching from the sidelines during games should be limited and positive in nature.

Do not argue with match officials. Accept the decisions of the officials with grace. Only question calls respectfully and with the intent of educating your players.

Report all red cards / ejections to the Officers of BYSA.

Absolutely no inappropriate advances at players. This includes, but is not limited to text messaging, email, phone calls, verbal, and touch.




Code of Conduct (cont)


Code of Conduct-Players:

Understand the laws of the game and play by them.

Support your teammates and coaches.

Play fairly and exercise good sportsmanship.

Do not argue with match officials .

All players must make every reasonable effort to attend all practices and games. If you will be unavailable, you or your parent/guardian must inform the team coach in advance. Players are expected to attend at least half of all team training throughout the fall, winter, and spring months. Illness, injury, or approved absences will be considered excused.

No use of alcohol, tobacco, or illegal drugs at any time.


Code of Conduct-Parents/Spectators:

No coaching from the sidelines.

Absolutely no negative comments to anyone.

Parents/Spectators are to accept the match official’s decision in all cases and will not

discuss/question/argue with the match official’s decision .

Be supportive of all participants of the game before, during and after the game.

If my child develops a behavior related problem that repeatedly disrupts the team, I promise to work with my child’s coach to resolve that problem.

If there are any questions or concerns with something in this Code of Conduct, the Rules Committee encourages you to address it with Age Group Coordinators in the Fall Season and the club vice-president in the Spring Season. Any violation of this Code of Conduct will result in a disciplinary meeting between the guilty party and the BYSA Board of Directors. All incidents must be reported in writing and submitted to the Age Group Coordinators in the Fall Season and BYSA vice-president in the Spring Season. Each violation will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis and punishment can range from a written warning to expulsion from the club.

This Code of Conduct is meant to serve the best interest for all participants of the BYSA and the game of soccer. The bottom line can be summed up with one question:













Brookline Youth Soccer Association 2016


  • *Ground rules amended and approved June 30, 2008.

  • **Ground rules amended and approved April 20, 2009.

  • ***Ground rules amended and approved October 13, 2009

  • **** Ground rules amended and approved June 28, 2010

  • *****Ground rules amended and approved July 25, 2011




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