U8 Pee Wee Rules
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Law 1: Field of Play
Length: Minimum 25 yards, Maximum 35 yards.
Width: Minimum 20 yards, Maximum 30 yards.
Penalty Area: None
Law 2: The Ball; size three (3)
Law 3: The number of Players: A match is played by two teams, each consisting of not more than four (4)
players, with an option to field a maximum of five (5) players per team if both coaches agree prior to the
start of the game. There are NO goalkeepers.
*Substitutions: Mid point of first and third quarters only. *U8 are NOT required to be in the sub box.
Players that have one alternate player may ONLY sub the alternate player nor can any player play back
to back quarters.
You may play 5v5 for (first and third quarters and 4v4 second and fourth quarters.) You may NOT sub
your entire team. You cannot sub the same child every game.
*Exception : In the event that a team has 9 vs a team of 10 then you may sub the second and fourth
quarter (again only sub in the one alternate player for one player on the field 5v5 first and third and 4v4
second and fourth with the team of ten with the alternate player subbed in at the mid point of the second
and fourth quarter).
In the event of injury you may sub one player for the injured player . If the injury occurs during the quarter
in which subs are permitted that team will not sub during that quarter unless the injured player is the
player returning to the field. In the event that a team has less than 8 players one player may play back to
back quarters with no subs for that team. You must notify the referees. This would require 4x4 play with
subs for the team with the alternate player.
If necessary for example a team of 10 vs a team of 7 then subs for the team of 10 would be all four
quarters and only one player off and the alternate player goes on to the field. The team with 7 will not
need to sub.
Law 4: Players Equipment - Soccer cleats and protective leg wear. All protective leg wear must be
covered by socks. Non-uniform clothing is allowed based on weather conditions, but uniforms must still
distinguish teams.
Law 5: The referee – An Official Grade 9 referee shall be used. All infringements shall be briefly
explained to the offending player.
Law 6: The Duration of the Match – The match shall be divided into four (4) equal, eight (8) minute
quarters. There shall be two (2) minute break between quarters one and two and another two (2) minute
break between quarters three and four. There shall be a half – time break of five (5) minutes.
Law 7: The Start and Restart of Play – Conform to FIFA, with the exception of the opponents of the team
taking the kick off are at least four (4) yards from the ball until it is in play. A goal can not be scored
from the start or restart. Ball must move forward over the center line in order to be in play. Otherwise
the kick off is retaken.
Law 8: The Ball In and Out of Play – Conform to FIFA.
Law 9: The method of scoring – Conform to FIFA.
There is NO recorded score keeping in this division.
Law 10: Offside – None
Law 11: Fouls and Misconduct – Conform to FIFA with the exception that all fouls shall result in a direct
free kick. The referee must explain ALL infringements to the offending player. No cards shall be shown for
misconduct. Referee may send offending player off the field for the duration of the quarter. If the referee
sends offending player off the field that team plays short for the duration of the quarter. If a coach
removes a player for misconduct the same rule applies.
Law 12: Free Kicks – Conform to FIFA with the exception that all kicks are direct and all opponents are at
least four (4) yards from the ball until it is in play.
Law 13: The penalty kicks – NONE No penalty in pee wee.
Law 14: The Throw in . All improperly performed throw ins can be retaken only once and at the referee's
Law 15: The Goal Kick – All goal kicks are taken from anywhere on the goal arch. Opponents must
remain four (4) yards from the ball until it is in play. Goal kick is retaken if all requirements are not met.
Law 16: The Corner Kick – Conform to FIFA with the exception that opponents remain at least four (4)
yards from the ball until it is in play. A goal can be scored directly from a corner kick.
Law 17: No player shall be on or behind the goal arch for more than 3 seconds.
Infringement will result in a drop ball 4yards outside the arch.
Law 7 applies. You cannot score from the restart
Ammended 08/30/2008 Substitutions and Exceptions for substitutions.
Ammended 08/30/2008 Law 11 ( for clarification purposes only)

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